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Let Your Crafty Side Show With The Right Supplies

a working man

If you're the take-charge kind of person who likes to do things on your own, Clearview Glass Co. can hook you up with the glazing supplies you need.

Having the right tools makes your work not only easier, but more satisfying!

•  Mirror clips

•  Push points for wood frames

•  Glass glue

•  Caulk, glass cleaners, and more

Proper Glazing Supplies Make The Job Easier

Add Tinting To Your Windows And Save!

Protect the interior of your home or auto with window tinting. We have the film and tools you need to add tinting on your own.


Not something you want to tackle? No problem! We add window tinting wherever

you have glass at a competitive rate. Ask for a FREE estimate as well as DIY advice from our experienced team! At Clearview Glass Co., our technicians are trained by NGA standards to insure you receive a factory-perfect installation. We've replaced over 5,000 windshields in the past few years.

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